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Colsen Fire Pit

Create a Cozy Ambience Anywhere with the Colsen Tabletop Fire Pit - Black Edition!

- The black edition is stylish and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
- The rubbing alcohol fuel used for the fireplace is eco-friendly and does not produce smoke or soot.

This Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor living space. The fire pit is made of a lightweight concrete bowl and is designed to be portable, making it easy to move around and set up wherever you need it. The rectangular shape and black edition give it a modern and sleek look that will fit in with any decor. The fire pit is fueled by rubbing alcohol, making it easy to light and safe to use. The fire pit can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in any outdoor or indoor setting, providing warmth and ambience. With its modern design and easy to use fuel source, the Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace is the perfect way to add a touch of style and warmth to your home.